Crocuta crocuta, Desert dessert : Plaster, fur, gas masks, intestines with jelly, forks, knifes, operation cloth, sand, spotlights, sound etc.
400 x 400 x 350cm.

This work consists of five Hyena- ( Crocuta crocuta ) hybrids having a picnic on the sixth one. They are placed on a cake podium and the setting is beach-like, with sand, parasol, tablecloth, empty wine bottles and a ghetto blaster playing women giggle in intervals. The spotted hyenas are the only animals where the females have developed penises ( actually an over-sized clitoris ) and the hierarchy is matriarchal, aggressive, promiscuous and cannibalistic.

I find this setting intriguing both as an androgen gender crossover, and as an introduction to this seldom-illuminated side of femininity, which we tend to think of as much less aggressive, sexual and dominant than the masculine side.
This part of female ( inside-) war – often base don sexual competition – can be as violent and deceitful as any male combat. Maybe just more hidden, dressed like a cosy picnic, disguised in friendship and laughter.

Facsimile from Klassekampen:

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