Nature Morte : dead insects, live snails, watches, textiles, grass. 30m2

This somewhat nostalgic installation is a homage to my room at the Spanish Art centre Can Serrat, a vineyard from the 17th century. This room used to be a loft for drying herbs, having turned into piles of earth after 60 years of emptiness when I started to uncover and restore and live in it. When returning several years later I decided to bring it back to the state it once used to be in, long before my time and disturbance. Covering all my belongings I filled the room with the smell and the presence of fresh and dried plants, sprinkled the bed with dead insects, collected hundreds of live snails from the garden which were drawn to the ticking of 16 old clocks, making slimy drawings over the fabrics and walls as traces and maps of time slowly moving.

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