Fountain I ( I am II ) : Plaster, polyester, cow head, water-pumps, milk, blood, feathers, textiles etc.
Full (double-) size.

This peace deals with the floating and diversity of being in a direct way. The two figures ( I am 2 / I am too ) leaning on / backing up each other, representing two separated and still unified sides, both physically floating over with their inner fluids,- the clean life-giving milk on one side, and the more ”dirty” death-associated menstruation blood on the other. I have mixed female mythical stereotypes (whore / madonna, mother / virgin etc.), which in themselves are floating borderlines, using i.e. Lilith (old-Hebraic for ”owl”) which originally was Adams first wife, then turned into a Goddess for birth and ended up as a child eating death Demon. Not unlike Julie Kristevas theories around the ”abject” and this terms referation to the chaos and death bodily fluids represent.

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