Fountain II ( Queen of Hearts ) : Plaster, polyester, water-pumps, water, div. motors, wooden horse, textiles etc.
240cm x 50cm x 150cm.

As in the previous work the theme of fluids and floating borders are central, but also the idea of getting stuck. The fountain-crying woman is caught in her wagon of tears, to heavy with sorrow for the circus horse to drag, forcing the horse in an endless movement back and forth. The piece can also give associations to the Merry-go-round, and further references to a state of childhood and purity and the Virgin Mary. With no legs for her to walk away with and no arms to push the wheels she is mirroring herself in the wagons mirror bottom, doubling herself like the queen in the card desk. Almost in love with her rotating pain represented with the rotating knife in her heart she is like a female Narcissus, but also as an Echo being as much a sound and a shadow on the wall as physically there.

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