BIZZART : Painted silicon, sound sensor, cardboard box. 25 x 15 x 8cm.

Fast-food is for me one of the most ultimate expressions of the changes of quality criteria’s in our time, as a result of the accelerating consume principle. Where we used to lay longer time-lapse and grade of difficulty as terms for quality evaluation we now tend to appreciate the opposite,- the simpler and faster the better; ”cash`n carry”, ”fast`n easy”, ”instant happiness” etc.
Everyone has the access and right to anything anytime, everything shall be illuminated but not necessarily deepened, the surface has taken over. In this pornographic over obviousness BIZZART is meant as a package deal supplement. She will satisfy many aspects of pleasure ; She speaks to you with her silicon lips ( the new substance of female attributes…), she’s willing (”eat me”) and promises pleasure ( ”I’ll be good”), her triangle is both for audiell assurance, penetration, oral pleasure and digestion.
”Fuck`n eat”,- the optimal unpretentious satisfaction.

This work was based on an invitation from MOI ( Museum of Installation – UK ) for a standard box piece to their collection.

vilde von krogh - bizzart

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