This video was produced for an exhibition in Stockholm – Sweden for the 50 years anniversary of the Human Rights. I immediately thought of the impossible task it seems to be to control evil, even though we have to try. In the Nordic Myths you have a story about the Gods struggle to chain down the wolf called Fenris to avoid him killing the God Odin at dooms day ( Ragnarokk ) as predicted. But Fenris is so strong that he breaks every chain they put on him. In the end the Gods go to the black elves to ask for help. They create a fine thread made out of the roots of the mountains, the spit of the birds, the chores of the bears, the women’s beards, the sound of cat feet and the breath of the fishes. That’s why these things doesn’t exist anymore.

The Gods try to bind Fenris in this thread called Gleipne, but he is suspicious and ask that one of the Gods put his arm between his jaws as an insurance. The brave Ty does it, knowing he will loose his arm. Fenris is now bounded in Gleipne, but he will brake loose on the final day.

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